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Grow | Google Calendar Writer Access Error
Grow | Google Calendar Writer Access Error

This tutorial will show you to connect your Google calendar to your PushPress Grow calendar if you are receiving the following error:

Updated over a week ago

You need to have writer access to sync appointments to the selected Google Calendar. Please check with the Google Calendar owner in case syncing is required.

For Group Calendar:

For Unassigned Calendar:

Step 1:

The owner of the Google calendar needs to be logged into Google and go to

Step 2:

Hover over the desired calendar then click the three-dot icon and select "Settings And Sharing"

Step 3:

Scroll down to "Share with specific people" > Click "Add People" and add the email address of the Google Account that is synced in HighLevel > set the Permissions to "Make changes to events" > click Send to save

The Google calendar should now be in sync with PushPress Grow

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