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Grow | Affiliate Manager
What is the Grow Affiliate Manager tab do?
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This is a client’s ability to create an affiliate management program which is the management of affiliates within a given network to promote the growth of the affiliate program for the brand. An affiliate manager manages the affiliate publishers on behalf of an advertiser to drive sustainable growth

  • An affiliate is a contact who will be doing promotion on behalf of another business to promote their offerings

  • For example:

    • A client is running a nutrition workshop. They want to compensate other partners (e.g. a smoothie shop) who advertise this and get workshop sign-ups from their channels. The client can set-up an affiliate program to give the smoothie shop a personalized link that will track how many conversions (event sign-ups) occur from that smoothie shop’s link.

  • It’s a great opportunity for more sophisticated clients who want to run affiliate programs and pay for their partners, influencers, members, etc. who bring in new referrals

Pre-requisite for making an Affiliate Manager’s Campaign live

  • Enable Stripe Connect on your locations (Settings -> Integrations -> Stripe Connect)

  • Add/Upload Affiliates on Affiliate Manager

  • Create your campaign with:

  1. Funnel/website selection

  2. Products that you want the commission split on

  3. List of affiliates

  4. Commission percentage

  5. Payout frequency

  6. Cookie life.

Setup Guide Overview

Step 1: Create your Funnel & Add products

Step 2: Upload or add affiliates to the Affiliate Manager

How to Switch from FirstPromoter to Affiliate Manager?

Step 3: Create an Affiliate Manager Campaign

Step 4: Managing Affiliate Payouts

How does the Affiliate Manager work?

  1. Once an affiliate campaign is created and published/live, all the enrolled affiliates will receive their unique affiliate link which they can share with their network.

  2. As soon as a customer signs up through an affiliate link, the payout and commission get recorded and published on the ‘Payout - Pending’ tab on the 1st of the following month.

  3. The affiliate owner can see the list of all the generated payouts and choose to approve or deny them for a payout.

  4. Once they are approved for a payout, the affiliate owner needs to take an export and upload it on their payment gateway to manually make the payment as per that CSV.

  5. Once the payment has been made, the affiliate owner needs to update the status in Affiliate Manager to paid, so that correct reporting gets reflected for that affiliate and the overall campaign.

Please note:

Development will be adding more tools to the affiliate enviroment. Please add any ideas to the ideas board. To provide any feedback within the app please click the feedback button located within the affiliate manager dashboard:

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