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Grow | Creating Pop-Up Forms

Pop-up forms are live. Be careful though, as most website visitors may find it offensive, but this can be useful if done well.

Updated over a week ago

This is a new release as of 1.11.23.

You can now choose to leverage more possibilities with a lead capture form or an offer to get someone to submit their contact information using forms. What exactly does that mean you ask? Think of a time when you visited a website, and after 10 seconds, or when you go to hit the back button, a pop-up form appears with an offer. This is now something every Grow user can utilize in their tool belt.

Be careful though! Although this is an awesome addition to your arsenal, we strongly discourage you from going crazy with this option. Although popups are cool, and if done well, can be very affective. However, if this is done poorly, can be seen as "spammy" or offensive to some visitors.

Here's an example of a pop-up form done well:

Your current offer is a no sweat intro appointment and your main CTA button on your homepage is "Book Your Free No Sweat Intro". You could have a form pop-up after XX amount of seconds, or after they scroll X% down the page that offers a "discovery phone call" to learn more about your programs and to see if they are a "good candidate" for your gym.

Another good example would be using the same criteria above, but inviting them to join a "Free community class Saturday" but indicating "spots are limited".

We recommend using the "Polite" pop-up settings rather than the big middle screen pop-up as most people tend to close those immediately.

And lastly, we recommend you use the "Show XX" amount of times as this will mean someone doesn't see it on every website visit.

Here's an example of a pop-up form done not so well:

  • You install a pop-up on every page that someone visits

  • You offer hefty discounts on packages (Save 50% if you sign up now) - Don't discount your prices

  • Allowing the pop-up to be visible on every visit

  • Using lengthy descriptions that people can't read quickly

  • Don't make promises, and hefty discounts that you wont follow through with.

So here's what can you do with Pop-up forms:

  1. Forms can now be integrated with pop-up options including:

    1. Sticky sidebar

    2. Polite slide-in

    3. Popup

    4. Inline

    5. (examples can be found in screenshots below)

  2. Customize activation and show options including:

    1. Trigger type - this means a form is “triggered” to pop-up on the client’s website when one of the below actions occur:

      1. Show when a user has scrolled X% down a page

      2. Show when a user has been on a screen for X seconds

    2. Activation type - this means a form is “triggered” to pop-up for a user on a client’s website when one of the below actions occur:

      1. Activate on a user’s X visit to the website (e.g. 4th visit)

    3. Deactivation type - this means a form no longer is triggered to pop-up for a user on the client’s website when one of the below actions occur:

      1. Deactivate after showing X times

      2. Deactivate once lead is collected

  3. Choose when to deactivate.

    1. Deactivate after showing XX times

    2. Deactivate once the lead is collected (most ideal)

    3. Never deactivate (not good for current clients who could be visiting your site)

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