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Train - Nutrition Coaching/Tracking
Train - Nutrition Coaching/Tracking

Here is some information on lifestyle coaching, habits/nutrition tracking.

Updated over a week ago

Train currently doesn't have native functions for nutrition/habits/lifestyle coaching, but with Train, you are only limited by your creativity!

In the future, we will look to build more nutrition/lifestyle coaching functions into the app. For now, you can still do some basic tracking/accountability for your clients.

I have personally done this with clients and see PushPress clients do this with success for their clients!

  1. What we recommend doing is creating a "benchmark". You can learn more about that here.

    1. Go to benchmarks, and click on "add benchmark". Name it "nutrition" or "habits" or whatever you think fits your program.

    2. Then you can build that habit - we recommend making it for "completion" then your clients can check off if they did that habit for the day or not.

    3. Here are some built out habits:

  2. When you have the benchmarks built out, you can assign them to your clients.

    1. Copy from benchmark.

    2. Assign to the client in the workout builder.

  3. Here is what the client would see:

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