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Grow | Attribution Report
Grow | Attribution Report
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The Reporting Tab includes a specific report on source and conversion for your system’s attribution. This allows you to determine the source of your leads.

Step 1: Accessing The Report

  • Navigate to the Reporting section of your system.

  • From the Reporting menu, choose “Conversion Report” or “Source Report”.

  • In the dropdown on the top right, choose whether you want to view ALL data, or just data for Forms, Surveys, or your Calendars.

  • Set the date period, and click the refresh button to update the data.

Step 2: Viewing The Report Data

  • Conversion Report

    • Reviewing the various boxes of statistics and graphs, you can see the attribution data. From the dollar amount of revenue closed, to the total number of opportunities closed, and more, check out each graph and statistic box.

  • Source Report

    • This report provides you with data on Referrer with counts and Campaign with counts. You can search through each using the search bar in the top right of the respective box.

    • Below that is a list of all your Session Events.

      • This list may be filtered, and you may customize the columns display.

      • You may also export the data

Check back anytime for the latest data and statistics!

NOTE: If you wish to view reporting metrics for one single day, be sure to check that date as the start and and end date. You must have both selected in order for the stats to appear. The example below shows how you can run reporting for January 1, 2022 by choosing January 1st as the start and end date:

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