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Grow | Appointment Reporting
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The Reporting Tab includes a specific report on your appointments. Using various available filters, you can view the status of appointments, compare the booking channel and source, and export the data if you need a spreadsheet/list of the information. Follow these simple steps to learn how:

Step 1: Accessing The Report

  • Navigate to the Reporting Tab

  • Choose “Appointment Report”

  • Select your desired filters for a specific calendar, appointment created on/booked for, and timeframe.

  • Click “Apply” to show the specific data you’ve chosen.

Step 2: Viewing The Report Data

  • In the top row you’ll see boxes for Booked, Confirmed, Showed, No Show, and Canceled appointments.

  • In the 2nd row, you can view the pie charts for: booking channel, the appointment source, and outcomes.

  • The 3rd row provides a list view of your appointments.

    • You can select a specific status from the dropdown menu to view only those appointments.

    • Clicking “Columns” will allow you to change the display.

    • The “Export” button will allow you to export a list of the data.

NOTE: If you wish to view reporting metrics for one single day, be sure to check that date as the start and and end date. You must have both selected in order for the stats to appear. The example below shows how you can run reporting for January 1, 2022 by choosing January 1st as the start and end date:

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