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Grow | Using Your Audit Logs
Grow | Using Your Audit Logs
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Audit logs track changes for certain information within your system. This can be helpful for you to review which team member makes certain changes/actions, or even to debug customer issues if something was accidentally done. NOTE: You will only be able to view this information if you are the admin user of your system.

Follow these simple steps to use your audit logs:

  • Navigate to Settings > Audit Logs

  • Choose from the dropdown list to customize the filters

    • Date and Time: choose a time period

    • Action: Select from Created, Updated, Deleted, and Restored

    • Module: Determine which part of your system you want to review logs for - Contacts, Opportunities, Notes, Tasks, Custom Values, Tags

    • Document ID: search for a specific ID/name of an item

    • Done By > Search Users: customize the search for all or specific team members/users in your system

  • As you select filters, your log list will update in real time on the screen, and you’ll see the filters start to ‘build’ at the top. In the example below, we chose “Custom Values” as the module so all actions related to that module are shown. Clicking the X next to a filter, or next to “Clear all Filters” will reset the log display.

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