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Grow | How To Use Workflows to Assign Users to Leads
Grow | How To Use Workflows to Assign Users to Leads
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You may want to assign new leads to users within your system, in a round-robin type of situation. Maybe you have a lead form, and when it’s submitted, you want the leads to be distributed to a sales team of users within your system. You can set up a workflow to distribute the leads however you’d like. In some cases, you may want to assign leads evenly, so if 9 leads came in and you have 3 users, each would receive 3 leads. Or, maybe you have 2 full time sales team members and one part time member, so you want less leads assigned to the part time employee.

Here’s a sample of how to set up a Workflow to achieve this:

  • Create a new Workflow in the builder.

  • Add a trigger to fire off the Workflow, such as “Form Submitted”.

    • NOTE: Be sure to use the “Filters” to specify a form, otherwise the trigger will apply for all forms.

  • Add any Workflow actions you’d like, such as a Contact Tag to track the leads, and any other desired actions.

  • Add “Assign to User” as an action. Choose the user(s) you want to assign the leads to.

  • Under “Split Traffic” you can choose EQUALLY for an even distribution:

  • Or you can choose UNEQUALLY for an uneven distribution. Set the ‘traffic weightage’ to whatever ratio you’d like:

  • Save the action.

  • Save and publish your Workflow for it to function.

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