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Grow | List of Workflow Actions
Grow | List of Workflow Actions
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Within the Workflow Builder, you can add multiple actions to fire off in a series based on one or more triggers.

Click the + icon anywhere in the Workflow to add an action.

Below is a complete list of available actions:

External Communications

  • Send Email

  • Send SMS

  • Call

  • Voicemail

  • Messenger

  • Instagram DM

  • Manual SMS

  • Manual Call

  • GMB Messaging


  • Add Contact Tag

  • Remove Contact Tag

  • Add/Update Opportunity Add To Notes

  • Assign To User

  • Remove Assigned User

  • Set Event Start Date

  • Add To Workflow

  • Remove From Workflow

  • Remove From All Workflows

  • Remove Opportunity

  • Send Internal Notification

  • Set Contact DND Edit Conversation

  • Send Review Request

  • Stripe One Time Charge

  • Update Appointment Status

  • Add Task

  • Eliza AI Appointment Booking Bot

  • Add to Google Analytics

  • Add to Google Adwords

  • Update Contact Field

  • Facebook - Add To Custom Audience

  • Facebook - Remove From Custom Audience

  • Facebook - Conversion API

Membership Actions

  • Membership Grant Offer

  • Membership Revoke Offer

Conditions and Workflow

  • If/Else

  • Wait

  • Webook

  • Go To

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