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Grow | Using the Edit Conversation Action in Workflows
Grow | Using the Edit Conversation Action in Workflows
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This tutorial will cover the “Edit Conversation” action in Workflows. This action allows you to mark items as read or unread, and choose whether to archive or unarchive Conversations, giving you more control over your communication with your leads. Follow these steps to use the action in a Workflow:

Step 1: Create a Workflow

  • Navigate to Workflows and click into an existing one, or create a new one.

Step 2: Add the “Edit Conversation” action to the Workflow

  • Add an Action.

  • Choose “Edit Conversation”.

  • Select a title for your action if you wish (this will just show up internally in the Workflow Builder so you can title it, whatever you'd like. By default, it's just” “Edit Conversation”.)

  • Choose whether to Mark as Read or Unread or just leave it as is.

  • Choose to Archive, Unarchive (and move to Recents tab), or just leave as is.

  • Click Save in the bottom right to add the action to the Workflow.

  • In the top right of the builder, Save the Workflow.

  • Toggle from Draft > Publish for the Workflow to run.

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