Follow these steps to learn how to import a funnel from ClickFunnels.

Step 1: Grabbing the Link from ClickFunnels

  • Navigate to your ClickFunnels account and grab the funnel URL you wish to import.

  • Copy the link (be sure it’s the https:// version)

Step 2: Import the Funnel

  • Navigate to Funnels, and click into the funnel you wish to update.

  • Click “Add New Step” and in the popup window, name it whatever you’d like.

  • Then, in the 3rd field, paste the entire funnel link from the ClickFunnels funnel you want to import.

  • Grab the path from that URL and paste it into the path field.

  • Click “Create Funnel Step”.

  • Allow a moment for the import to complete. After it loads, you can see what’s been imported, and make any changes within the builder.

  • Be sure to save to confirm your changes/updates!

NOTE: You must use https:// as the URL when importing. Using just http:// will produce an error.

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