The Universal Search feature allows you to quickly search for contacts and opportunities within your system. You can easily click into any found entry, or create a new entry if the query yields no results. Check out these simple steps for how to use the Universal Search:

Step 1: Navigate to the dashboard menu.

  • On the top left of your screen, you’ll see a search bar.

  • Click into it and a popup will appear.

  • In the popup window, you can type the query you wish to search for.

  • In this example, we’ll search for “test”.

  • On the left, you can sort the search by All Categories, Contacts, Opportunities, or Payments.

  • Click into any found Contacts, Opportunities, or Payments to quickly navigate to the page with the appropriate information.

  • Return to the search bar and repeat this as many times as you need to.

Step 2: Add a Contact or Opportunity from the Search tab

  • In both the Contacts and Opportunities tabs, if your search doesn’t yield a result, you can create a new contact or opportunity right from here.

  • Click the “add” hyperlink that appears within the tab, and fill out the appropriate information for the contact or opportunity you wish to create.

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