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Grow | Create A Simple Refer A Friend Marketing Tool
Grow | Create A Simple Refer A Friend Marketing Tool

Asking current clients for referrals is an easy way to generate new hot leads! Current customers are your best marketing tool.

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Let's face it, current clients love your gym. They tell everyone about the positive experience. Yet, they aren't salesman! So, although they may be telling all of their friends about your gym, they aren't inviting them in unless you specifically ask.

Think about it, when is the last time you held a "Bring a friend" day? How any friends and buddies show up? I bet the number is more than you think.

Our current members are our best marketing tool. They are talking to their friends about you, and since you've built trust with them, their friends are a warmer if not hotter leads!

Gym owners spend hundreds of dollars on facebook marketing and other marketing tools to drive cold traffic to their site in hopes they cast a big enough net to gain 1 or 2 new clients. How about I tell you to switch tactics? This idea works well, get's you warmer leads, and costs nothing in marketing spend!

Here's how to create a 'Refer a Friend' tool into your current workflows:

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