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Grow - Drop In Class Reserved Workflow
Grow - Drop In Class Reserved Workflow

Drop in guests are fun to have, but did you know that if you can make them feel special, they will be more likely to leave you 5* reviews!

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Let's face it, we've all traveled out of town and performed a drop in at another gym at some point. It can be a fun experience, but there's also a bit of awkwardness too. You're the "New Person" in class, and you don't know all the ins & outs of the new facility.

In the "Drop in Class Reserved" workflow, we are trying to make the out of town guest feel welcome and provide them with some rules, expectations and other tid bits of information that will lead to an awesome client experience. We also know, that out of town guests love leaving reviews, so if you can hit it out of the park, you can bet you'll more than likely receive a 5 star review from them!

Here's how this "Drop in Class Reserved Workflow" is expected to function:

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