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Train - What if my client didn't receive the notification email?
Train - What if my client didn't receive the notification email?
There's a few reasons why your client may not have received an invite email. This article reviews why this might happen and what you can do.
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This article is broken into the following subsections:

Check to see if the email was sent from the Train system

This help article details the steps to check and resend notification emails. If the email is in this list it was sent by our system. You can resend it here and check the following with your client:

  1. The email address entered is correct*

  2. It is not in their SPAM folder

By clicking View you can see the email that was sent which includes the login information you can provide to your client.

*If the email address is incorrect this will need to be updated both in the gym client and the user account.

If the email was not sent, here's what you can do

There would be two reasons an email was not sent: either a system glitch (uncommon) or the user already has an account registered under that email address with Train.

Reset Password - this article details how you can reset the password for an Invited client (one who has not yet logged into Train)

Otherwise the likelihood is that your client already had an account in Train. If they know their login details...Great! You don't need to do anything more.

If they don't know their login the simple solution (for either you or them) is to go to, select Forgot Password, and then enter their email address here to send a reset link.

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