Welcome to your new Grow CRM! We have put together a list of 6 items that you need to complete to get your CRM up and running! The next steps after you complete your setup, is to book your onboarding call

CRM Setup Checklist

Welcome to Grow!

This document will walk you through the basic setup of your CRM! Use the checklist below to track your progress and as a reference for later.

There are 6 steps needed to complete your CRM setup. Each step is outlined below and contains a direct link to that step’s video in Grow’s onboarding series. Simply click on each step’s name to access its coordinating video.

Once your checklist is finished, your next step is to book your onboarding call where we will dive further into your new CRM!

To begin, start here:

Watch this video series:

Setup STEP 1: Settings

Click on Settings ->

  • Add logo

  • Enter gym name, email, phone, website, address, and timezone

Setup STEP 2: Launchpad

Click on Launchpage ->

  • Download mobile app known as “Grow By PushPress”

  • Connect Google My Business account

  • Connect Facebook/Instagram accounts

Setup STEP 3: Calendars

Click on Settings -> Integrations ->

  • Connect Gmail Calendars (across all instances and for each staff member)

**Help Doc on how to connect Google Calendars

Setup STEP 4: Staff

Click on Settings -> My Staff ->

  • Add Staff

  • Enter profile information

  • Designate permission/role

  • Enter general availability

  • Select the user’s calendar configuration for that staff member

Setup STEP 5: Custom Values

Click on Settings -> Custom Values ->

  • Review all custom values

  • Appointment Type (name you use i.e; ‘No Sweat Intro’ - ‘Free Trial’ - or - ‘Consultation’ etc…)

  • Drop in Value ($)

  • Facebook Group Link (if using)

  • Google Review Link

  • Intro Booking Link (*only if using appts)

  • Lead Value ($)

  • Nutrition Value ($)

  • PP Trial Link (*if using trials)

  • Pricing lower end (Lowest $ option)

  • Upper Pricing Option (Highest $ Point)

  • Workout Tracking app (Name)ng App (Name)

Setup STEP 6: Forms

Click on Go Back -> Sites -> Forms -> Builder ->

  • Review forms

  • Make any necessary edits -> hit save

  • Remove any forms you DO NOT want on your website edit -> delete
    *If a form is listed here when your website is built, it will be added to your site.

** Watch this video that explains the benefits of each form


You’re now ready to book your CRM onboarding call!

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