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Train - Community Feature Overview
Train - Community Feature Overview

This is a brief description of how creating a community works, what it is for, and how to use them.

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A community within Train is like creating your own mini social media feed for a group of people at your gym or that you coach remotely that are assigned to a particular workout program.

This will help bring people in your community together, help them get better results, and increase retention.

Ideas for communities:

  • Masters program - you could create a community for everyone 50+ at your gym.

  • Barbell club - then everyone that is on the barbell program would be able to post, share, comment, and like within that feed.

  • Teens Program.

  • Gymnastics.

  • Bootcamp.

  • Bodybuilding.

  • Endurance.

  • Core Accessory.

  • Etc. You are only limited by the program types that you offer at your gym.

You can learn how to set one up here.

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