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Train - Creating a Community
Train - Creating a Community
Here is how to create a community based on a daily or personal training workout program.
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If you have a workout program, class, or plan that you want to create a community for, this article will help! An example would be the daily WOD, a barbell club, or other program that you want to help get closer with the help of a Train community. The community feature also allows you a 1:1 messaging and media sharing platform for personal training clients.

For an overview of communities click here.

1. Click on Community.

Click on Community

2. Click on Manage Communities.

Click on Manage Communities

3. Click on Create Community

Click on Create Community

4. Click on the workout program you want to create the community for. Currently you can create a community for any daily or personal training workout program.

Click on WOD

6. Click on Confirm

Click on Confirm

7. Now you can check your community! Click on community.

Click on Community

8. Select the new community.

Click on WOD

9. Type a message or add a photo.

Type "Welcome to the workout of the day!"

10. Click on Post and that will be the first post in your new community. Members that are assigned the workout program "WOD" will be able to see and interact in the community.

Click on Post

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