Here's an easy way to find a new gym, or an additional gym using the PushPress Member Portal.

*First, make sure the same email address is used across all gyms. Different e-mails will create separate PushPress profiles. If you have confirmed that is correct, let's toggle.

  1. Log out of Member Portal App.

    Log back in using email address used to set up your PushPress profile.

2. Your old Gym Dashboard is back! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

No worries. Click the menu bar to access your OLD dashboard.

3. Once your old dashboard is showing, click the 3 dots to display all Gyms associated with this email address.

Don't see your gym? Double check the email on file with your membership with your new gym.

4. Choose the PushPress Gym Account to access.

*Any previous, paused, cancelled or active accounts with PushPress, associated with your email, will be housed here. It is not removable.

4. You're in. Now, you can reserve classes, purchase plans, see who's coming, check out who's coaching and purchase some new Swag to represent your new Gym. Victory!

*If this didn't do the trick (bummer), reach out to PushPress support and we can help you troubleshoot further.

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