There are multiple phases of the Social Feed rollout. See below for expectations on each release.


This is the initial testing phase. It will be going out to a handful of 'early adopter' gyms to see how it performs and members interact with it in a real world scenario.

We use this phase to gather suggested feature improvements and squash bugs.

This will not be feature complete, but will have enough to make it useful.

Notable features:

  • Any Staff can delete any post or comment

  • Members can only edit/delete posts or comments they made

  • GIF uploads

  • Image Uploads

  • Emoji Reactions

  • All Members are automatically have access to the Social Feed


We will be adding the following:

  • Push Notifications when Members are tagged.

  • Push Notifications for when any Staff makes a post

  • Reporting a Post or Comment.

  • URLs posted will allow members to follow the link to view page.


We will be adding the following:

  • User Preference settings. Giving users more control of notifications.

  • Activity of posts/comments/reactions

  • Adding GIFs/Images/Links to comments

  • Granular settings in the Control Panel to manage which member type has access to the Social Feed.

  • Automatic welcome message to new members

Reporting Bugs or Feature Requests

Please report via the Control Panel chat so we can triage and categorize appropriately.

How App Store approvals work:

If we just told you "we submitted your app to the app store for approval", this is what it means...

App store approvals can take anywhere between 4hrs to 2 days. Apple is typically longer than Android. Randomly Apple will reject apps, this happens, it will delay things but nothing you need to do, we manage the back and forth with apple.

All your members will get this update automatically. Updates roll out over a period of 24hrs after approval, so some of your members might have it while others might get it the next day.

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