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Train - Sync members with Core
Train - Sync members with Core
There are multiple times that you may want to sync your member list in Train with your list in Core
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Initial Sync with Core

Upon initial setup of your Train account you will want to sync your Member list from Core to Train. When you do this all members will be added to Train and emailed their login info for their account. They will also be assigned corresponding plan from Core in Train for access to different programs.

To kick off your initial sync head to the Clients page found under the Coaching menu.

Now that you are here you can click the button to sync with Core.

You will see a green status box appear in the top right corner letting you know the sync is in progress. Once complete the status box will disappear.

Refresh Member list sync

You may find at times that a client may be missing from your list in Train so you want to refresh the data. To do this you can go to the clients page and hit the same Sync with Core button. This will sync any changes over to the Train system and email out any welcome emails that are needed. If they client already has an account in Train the welcome email will be skipped.

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