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Train - Core integration
Train - Core integration
So you're to sign up for Train and are ready to sync with your PushPress Core account. Here are the details of that sync
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Below are the details of what will happen when you turn on Train in the PushPress App store.

Your Train account will automatically be created and login credentials emailed to you.

  • When you first login to you will find your Workout Programs already synced over directly from your Core account.

    • These Workout Programs are synced based off the Calendar/Class types you have created in your PushPress Core account

  • When you Navigate to the Billing menu you will see the item Plans. This is where you will see any plans created in Train and also be able to change filter to see plans synced directly with PushPress Core.

    • Plans are what allow you to designate a members access to certain programs in Train

    • Access roles for a plan will sync over based on the Core plan access to checkin to certain class types.

  • The combination of Class types and Plans from PushPress Core will also send over any Class type restrictions

    • Example: If you have a membership that is not allowed to checkin to a HIIT Class type, they will not be able to see the HIIT Workout Program in Train

*This Article will be updated as we continue to sync functionality between Train and Core

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