PushPress has several options to check your members in. This allows you to choose the best fit for your gym. Let's break this down into checking in by coaches or members.

Here's how your coaches can check members into class:

Control panel dashboard

  • Login to your dashboard to check in members the day of class

Notes: Coaches will need control panel access

Check-in page

  • Check members into class at any time (on any day) using the Check-in page (Schedule > Check-In).

Class view page

  • You can book members into class and check them in from the class view page.

PushPress Check-in App

  • Coaches can use a tablet at the gym to check members in via the Check-in app.

Here's how your members can check themselves in:

PushPress Members App

  • Members are able to check-in to any class they have booked. You can enable this option in your Member App configuration (Apps > App Store > Member App)

PushPress Check-in App

  • Set up a tablet in the gym as a kiosk for members to check themselves in.

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