There are two main uses for the Password in the store app:

  1. To ensure people charging products in Kiosk Mode are actually the person they claim to be (fraud prevention)

  2. To ensure the person trying to activate Coach Mode is actually a coach.

Kiosk Mode Member Password

In Kiosk Mode, we will ask each member for their password after they select items that they are buying and attempt to check out. This password is a 6 digit or longer alphanumeric password that used to verify that the person isn't accidentally (or maliciously) charging items to another person's account.

The member password is also used in other areas of our system when we need your members to authenticate themselves such as our Member Portal.

How Your Members Can Setup Their password

In order to setup a password for your members, you will first need to enable your Member Portal. You can do that by going to Settings -> Integrations.

Once you have turned on your Member Portal, new members will be automatically sent an email requesting that they setup their password.

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