There are 4 ways to check members into an appointment.

Method 1 - Dashboard - My Day panel

  1. from the Dashboard, if the appointment is assigned to you, you should see it in the 'My Day' panel.

  2. Use the 3 dots context menu to check them in.

Method 2 - Dashboard - Check-ins panel

  1. from the Dashboard, use the 'Check-ins' panel and select 'Scheduled Appointments' from the dropdown where you would typically select the class time.

  2. You will see all scheduled appointments for the day below. Check the box next to members name to check them in.

Method 3 - Appointments page

  1. Go to 'Schedule An Appointments' page

  2. Find the appointment on the schedule. Click it.

  3. Click the 'Check-In' button on the Appointment Detail card.

Method 4 - Check-in App

Use the self service tablet Check-in app to check them into their appointment.

  1. The member types in their name

  2. Their appointment will show up in the class list.

  3. Member taps the 'Check-in' button.

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