Computer. Can be a laptop or desktop. Modern operating system, either windows or mac. We support google Chrome browser only for Control Panel and all browsers for Member facing sites. (except IE, no software from any company has ever really worked on IE, its garbage).

Optional but highly recommended:

iPad. This is used to run the check-in app. This is if you want members to check themselves into class. We have a free app to download. You can also run our Store app on this too. Get the cheapest one you can find. doesn't have to be retina. Mini will work or normal size but definitely don't buy an iPad Pro, we don't even have one ourselves to test on.


TV + Amazon Fire Stick. Use this to run our screens app. This app shows your class workouts and who is checked into each class. You may want to run a separate TV+FireStick for each. Any Fire TV device will work fine. Fire TV starts at $39.

iPhone or iPod Touch. Coaches can use this for the check-in app and/or store app.

Webcam. Get a USB type webcam that plugs into your front desk computer so you can take new member headshots to attach to their profile. Any cheap webcam that works with your computer operating system will be fine.

Card Reader. Use a USB card swiper like this one to enter new member card numbers or product sale transactions quickly. Connect it to your front desk computer.

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