People are bucketed into the following 4 status designations: Lead, Member, X-Member and Non-Member.

You can see this tag right below their profile pic on their detail page. This is assigned automatically based on the set of rules below.

The Rules:


Has no 'active' plans but...

Has a plan designated as 'Trial' membership.

Has been added to the system via 'Add New Lead' on Control Panel.

Has been added to the system via Lead Capture Form or Wordpress plugin.


Has a active plan that is designed as 'Membership' plan.


Has no current 'active' plans, but...

Has at least one membership plan with status of 'cancelled' or 'completed'


Has never had a plan that was designated as  'Membership'.

Disqualified leads will go into this bucket.

Any person that is 'deleted'

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