This form can be used for prospective members to fill out online so you can follow up later with a consult or offers. You can distribute the link via your website, email, or post on any social media channel.

Set Up

Settings -> Lead Capture

"Lead Capture URL" : This is the link you can post on your website or distribute so prospective members can input their info.

"Page Title" : Something descriptive explaining what the form is for. example "Get Started Now"

"Page Upsell/Content" : Use this to sell it, make them want to fill out this form!!

"From Email Address" : Email address the confirmation followup will come from. Often people will reply to this address.

"Send Coaches Email" : set to YES if you want your coaches to know when a new lead comes in.

"Send Lead Email" : set to NO if you integrate with a third party lead management system like Autopilot HQ, otherwise leave it on YES.

"Client Objectives" : This shows up as a dropdown for the user, they can select what they are most interested in.

"Redirect URL" : After filling out the form, you can redirect the user to any web page you like rather than our generic success. example. can be used to send to a scheduler where user can set a time for first appointment.

"Collect Additional Data" : All optional, depends how much info you think you need. Sometimes requiring less will get more people to fill out the form. (people are lazy)


When someone fills out the form their info is put in the leads section. You can find this by going to People -> Leads

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