***NOTE: the wordpress plugin is being phased out in favor of custom landing pages. More info can be found about about each landing page here***

If your website is on the Wordpress platform you can use our Wordpress plugin to effortlessly connect and display info from PushPress on your website.

How to Install our plugin on Wordpress.

Log into your Wordpress admin then select from left menu:

  1. Plugins -> Add New.
  2. Use the search box to search for 'PushPress'.
  3. Click the Instal button.
  4. Click the Activate button.

After Activated, look for the 'PushPress' menu item in left navigation. Click on that to continue configuration and get it linked to your PushPress account.

Connecting the plugin to PushPress.

You will need your API Public Key from your PushPress Control Panel. 

  1. Log into your PushPress control panel, you can find the Key in the Apps section
  2. Then click 'Configure' on the Wordpress tile
  3. Click pink + button to create a new API code
  4. Name the code, then hit the 'Create New Pairing Code' button
  5. After creating, click the 3 vertical dots to show the pairing code context menu. Select 'View Info'. Copy the 'Secret Code'. This is the 20 digit 'Integration' code you need to put in on the Wordpress side. (even though its not 20 characters, its the one that starts with 'key_')
  6. Go back to your wordpress admin, click PushPress in side menu and paste this code in where it says 'Your PushPress Integration Code'. (ignore the placeholder text that says its 20 characters, its not.)

Once the plugin is installed. Refer to this article for info on what it does and how to configure.

Notes :

Your website server needs to be running php curl for this plugin to work. Most do by default, but if you are having issues installing the plugin this is likely the cause. Hit us up on the chat and we can help.

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