If you are migrating from an existing member management software you can easily import all your member data to get started.

We created a Migration Assistant section to help manage this process for you.

You can find it from the main menu People -> Migration Manager.

Step 1.

Use the CSV Template (EXCEL) provided and add basic member information.

Usually your existing membership management software will have an export fuction where you can download basic member name and email. Expect it to be not so nicely formatted as our template, you will need to reformat it into our template.

When ready, upload our template with your member data, then move onto Step 2.

Note: The CSV upload is very finicky, we expect data in a very specific format. To save time, hit us up on the Control Panel Chat and we can format it correctly to get you started. I don't like to brag but I'm kinda an expert at this ;)

Step 2.

You need to have have billing information associated with each member before assigning a plan to them.

Requesting Billing Information will send each member selected an email with a link where they can input a Credit Card to be charged.

Set to Cash Member if you do not want to request Credit Card at this time.
Use this list to keep track of who you have requested Credit Card Information from.

Step 3.


  • Have some Plan Templates set up

  • Have Discount Templates set up

  • If necessary, have Tax amounts set up.

Use this Step to assign Plans to Members.

Input the 1st date you want to start billing the member.
Make sure you turn off their billing on the old system you were using.

Notes: For best practices on how to set up families on a plan please read this.

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