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Core | Payroll Report Setup (Legacy)
Core | Payroll Report Setup (Legacy)
How to set up Payroll so reporting is accurate
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We have expanded Payroll to encompass more than Class pay, it now includes Appointments and Miscellaneous items. Learn more about how it works here, and how to activate it here

To generate correct data for a Payroll Report you need to setup coaches pay rates and assign classes on the schedule to the correct class type.

Manage staff pay rates based on fixed hourly rate and/or member attendance bonus and/or role.

To set up pay rate for each staff member from the main menu go to People - > Staff Members -> Edit Member.

Use the 'Pay Rates' table to define rates.

1. Coaching Pay Rate = Hourly rate for that class type

2. Coach Check-in Pay = Bonus for each member checked into that class type when that staff member is coaching (example. +$0.50 for each athlete)

3. Asst. Coaching Pay Rate = You can define a different rate if they are not assigned as the primary coach.

Note: Both athletes AND staff need to check into the class on either Check-in app or Control panel to attribute pay to the class.

The staff member assigned to the class on the calendar will by default be set to 'Coaching Pay Rate' and if a second staff member also checks into the same class, their pay will be calculated using 'Asst. Coaching Pay Rate'

Navigate to Reports -> Payroll to calculate staff pay for a defined pay period. Use this data to cut a check or input into any other system like zen payroll or xero.

Make sure your classes on the schedule have a 'class type' associated with it, as its the class type that will reference the pay rate for each staff.

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