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Download the Store App

The Store App is available on the Amazon Store, Android Play Store and Apple App Store. The Store App is designed to be used by coaches or as stand alone kiosks to replace the "pen and paper" method for quickly processing a product purchase. It's similar to Square, however because you already have the members Credit Card info it's even quicker and easier.

  1. On your Tablet or Phone open up the relevant store app.

  2. Search for 'PushPress'

  3. Search results should show the PushPress Store, hit the download button.

Download from App store on your Apple, Android, or Amazon device


Use your coach or admin login to sign into the app for the first time.

A password is used to quickly log back in.

Products should be set up from the Control Panel to make them show up in the app.

How to pair your tablet to your PushPress account

Launch the PushPress Store app on the Tablet

Wait for app to load, you should see an orange loading circle thing then a 6 digit pairing code. (loader can take a few minutes the first time you open this app)

Login to your PushPress Control Panel on a desktop or laptop.

Apps > App Store

Locate Store App > Configure

You should see the same code on the tablet as you do in the list of Pairing Codes, (right hand column) if not click "Don't see your code here?" link.

Use the context menu (3 vertical dots) to 'Pair Token'. Give the device a name like 'retail store app' then hit 'Pair Application button to complete.

Pairing can take up to 30 seconds for some magic to happen, you should see your tablet refresh and give you access to the products in your store. You are now done with this process.

*Store app not supported on iPads listed as Vintage and Obsolete models.

Compatible Hardware for Store App

The PushPress Store app works on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Fire Tablets

  • iOS, iPhone and iPad

  • Android

We have designed it specifically for the $50 7" tablet, but if you want a bigger screen and a little snappier performance consider newer model iPads.

Learn More With these Links:

Notes and Troubleshooting

• If this is not working and you are having issues with getting it to pair correctly, message us on the Control Panel chat so we can help out.

• Its helpful to be on the same IP address when doing this process. (But not necessary). This just means be on the same WiFi network.

• You should only need to do this one time. It should always re-connect without having to do this process again if you are always on the same WiFi network. If you have to repair often let us know in the Control Panel Chat. The only exception to this is if you move the tablet to a different WiFi network, like take it home etc.

About PushPress

PushPress was founded with the goal of helping gym owners. Today, PushPress has grown to include a variety of powerful tools that can be used by any size business looking for an edge on their competition - and they are getting them too with the help of our powerful fitness club management software.

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