In what scenarios should I use Sub Accounts?

We created the Sub Account functionality for 2 main reasons:

  1. Share the same billing record (Credit Card) amongst multiple members at your gym. Think multiple family members all billing through the same Credit Card
  2. A way to circumvent the requirement of a member having a unique email address. Think about kids who don't have an email.

How to add someone as a Sub Account

  1. Navigate to the Primary Account holder. They should already be an existing member with a Credit Card on file.
  2. Click the 'Add Sub Account' button in the right column
  3. Follow the process of adding the new member and plan. You will have the option of using the same email as the Primary account and the same Credit Card from the Primary account. You can select an existing member to move over as a sub-account or create a new member.

What it does ...

  • Enables you to use the same email address as the Primary account
  • You have the option to not use the Primary account email, the email you select for the sub account will be where the communication is sent
  • When the Primary accounts credit card is updated, it will automatically update all Sub account plans to charge with the same credit card.
  • Sub accounts are virtually the same as a Primary account, with the exception of having to use the Parent accounts Credit Card.
  • Allows the Sub account to also log into the Member Portal, set up their own pin etc. Note, Sub accounts use a username field which can be set in the Control Panel rather than the email that Primary accounts use for the Member Portal login.

What you can't do ...

  • Have multiple credit cards on file, pick and choose which Credit Card the Sub accounts bill to.
  • Share the same plan between Primary and Sub accounts. Each person needs their own plan.
  • Sign up Sub accounts through public facing pages and Member Portal. This has to be added by a Coach or Admin through the control panel
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