Where to find these settings?

  1. Log into the Control Panel

  2. Go to Apps main menu

  3. Click on 'Configure' on the Store App tile.

Kiosk Mode - Enable Cash Transactions

Set to YES if you want to allow cash sales in kiosk mode. Think Cash honesty box etx

Set to NO if you want to run a cashless gym. Similar to airlines not taking cash anymore for your rum and coke. This will disable the Cash button on checkout on the Store App.

Kiosk Mode - Auto Close Credit Cards?

This gives you the option to run the transaction at time of purchase or add the item to an invoice to close out later. We don't want to give the member this choice, you will set it here and all Credit Card transactions done in Kiosk mode will be one or the other depending on how you set this.

Note: These settings do not affect the app in Coach mode

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