Kiosk Mode

This mode is intended for your members to self checkout themselves without a coach or front desk persons help. Ideal for leaving (gluing, bolting etc) tablet on your front desk.

If you ever find yourself understaffed this is a good option so your coach doesn't get pulled away from training for a simple task members can do themselves.

If you currently run a pen and paper, write down the coconut water you just grabbed type system then this is a more modern replacement of that.

This will be more limited in checkout options than the coach mode. Options are pre-defined from your Control Panel.

Note: Members will have to know their Member Portal password to authenticate the purchase.

Coach Mode

This mode is intended for a staff member to process the transaction.

The coach will have more flexibility to choose the payment method at time of checkout than Kiosk mode.

Note: Any staff members password can authenticate each transaction.

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