The only fees associated with charging credit cards thru PushPress are those of our merchant account processor, Stripe. Fees are only incurred on successful charges. Stripe does not charge "hidden" fees that most other credit card processors charge such as:

  • Statement Fees
  • Refund Fees
  • Transfer Fees
  • Batch Fees
  • Gateway/Authorize.Net fees
  • Failed Transaction Fees

Further, Stripe does not charge a confusing "blended" rate like most other processing companies. Most other companies will quote you 1.9% but not mention that rewards cards, corporate cards, AMEX/Discover, and other cards are much higher rates. In the long run, when taking in to account all of the hidden fees typically charged by other processors plus the flat, non blended pricing pattern, Stripe often is a cheaper solution that most other processing options.

USA Stripe Fees - 2.9% + .30c / per Transaction

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