Plans templates are denormalized

This means that when you assign a plan to a person it will (behind the scenes) create a copy of this plan with the attributes that plan has at that instance and assign to that person. When you update the main plan template it will not affect or change people who have already been assigned that plan.

A few examples...

Raising plan cost

Say you want to raise the price on a plan for everyone already on it. If you go into the plan template and raise the price it will not change the plan price for everyone who is already on the plan. It will only reflect the new price for people who in future are assigned that plan. If you want to raise the price of existing members do the following:

  1. Change plan template price
  2. remove plan from each member
  3. assign the same plan back to each member

Changing any other plan setting/attribute

See paragraph above.

Deleting a Plan

When you delete a plan, it will not affect the members already on that plan, they will continue to be billed if its a recurring plan, and that plan will remain active on their account until you cancel it on their member detail page.

What if you want to update the Plan Amount and have those changes cascade down to all members already on the plan?

You can do this too. When you update the plan amount attribute you will notice a toggle appears with this option. Turn this on to update existing members with this plan.


The only thing that isn't denormalized on plans is the tax rate. if you add tax to the base plan it will start adding tax to future payments.

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