You might want to add a link to a specific plan (or event or product) on your website. One way is to post the link directly as a button on your pricing page. This link can also be emailed out, put in a Facebook post or added to your Instagram profile, etc etc

How to find it

Go to the plan detail page. Look for the 'View Page' button in the right rail. Click that button and it will pop a modal with a couple of configuration options.


1. Optional discount. This will create a unique link which will include the discount code already added.

2. Optional Start Date. This will create a unique link with a specified start date.

You can also combine both options, to have a set start date with a discount.

Grab the Link from the text box or hit the 'View Landing Page' button to see the page.


The plan has to have the 'visible publicly' option set to YES.

Usually we refer to this as 'Landing Page'.

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