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Core | Beyond the Whiteboard
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The PushPress + BTWB integration works by automatically creating a BTWB user account for your gym members that sign up through PushPress. This cuts out the extra work for your members to locate your Gym on BTWB and manually create their BTWB account.

When you get a new member onboarded through PushPress, they will automatically get a welcome email from BTWB with their account info already set up.

BTWB Workouts do not display through PushPress Member App.

Connect your PushPress account with BTWB

  1. Click 'Apps' in the main navigation.

  2. Click 'Configure' on the Beyond the Whiteboard tile.

  3. Toggle 'Enable Beyond The Whiteboard' switch on.

  4. This will show 2 additional fields asking for BTWB Gym ID and Access Token.

  5. To find your BTWB Gym ID and Access token email for them to connect with PushPress.

  6. Once those fields are filled, hit 'Save'.

About PushPress

PushPress is the best gym management software that can help gyms thrive. We've helped thousands of them streamline and professionalize their businesses through our easy-to-use, powerful system based on decades of experience running successful fitness facilities ourselves.

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