The PushPress Wordpress plugin has 5 integration points from your Control Panel. It will create a page for each which will use your websites theme and CSS to render the content to have the same visual style as the rest of your website. This means you won't have any jarring visually different content iFramed on your website and when you update your control panel it will automagically update content like new plans, events and workouts on your website.


Creates a page to display your class schedule on your website. It will show day view only and have a link for members to pre-register for class.


Creates a page to display your workouts for the week. It adheres to the publish schedule you use for each Workout in Control Panel. Want tomorrows WOD to publish at 8pm the night before? no problem, this is what this is designed for!

Plans and Events

Want to sell a drop-in, 10 session punchcard or regular monthly membership on your website? This section will create a page to list all available plans with a link to purchase. You get to choose which of your plans you have set up in the control panel show up on this page.

Hosting an Event or Seminar? This can also show up on this page to sell tickets for.


Creates a page to list online products for sale. Super helpful if you are running a pre-order or have general merch for purchase. Each product will link through to a secure PushPress page to complete the transaction.

Lead Capture Form

Funnel prospective members into your PushPress Leads section in the Control Panel through this page. A form is created to get basic contact info and client objectives.

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