The Check-In App is designed to be used on a gym tablet at the front desk.

As members arrive they can self check-in by typing their name and selecting the Class, Appointment, Event or Open gym they want to go to.

The app performs many checks as the member goes through the process but primarily:

  1. A check to see if they have a valid waiver, if not it will show the waiver on the app for them to sign before checking in.

  2. Ensures the member has a valid plan that is 'Active'. If their plan has been, cancelled, completed or in alert, it will not allow the check-in

  3. If the member is on a Punchcard it will decrement the session.


It's not meant for your clients to download, log in and remotely check themselves into class.
For iPads, Vintage and Obsolete models are not supported.Β 

About PushPress

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