Settings up Your Sales Taxes

Navigate to Settings then choose Settings again

Scroll Down to Tax Rates and click Add New tax Rate. Make sure what you choose matches your local taxes.

If applying tax to a plan, Navigate to Plans, click the three dots next to the plan you are wanting and choose Edit Plan. Scroll down to Tax rate and apply the appropriate rate.

If applying tax to a product, Navigate to Products, click the three dots next to the product and choose Edit Product. Scroll down to Tax Rate and choose the applicable rate

Viewing Your Sales Taxes

In Navigation, Choose Reports then click on Sales Tax liability. Choose the Quarter you are wanting to view and Sales and Taxes will be broken down for you.

If you need a more detailed view, Navigate to Payments then Transactions

Choose a time period and hit Run Report (don't choose more than one month at a time. Once report has populated, click Download Transactions and an itemized report will be created of every transaction in the time period.

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