The following is a list of attributes PushPress passes over to Mailchimp when data is updated.  There is also name and address fields not listed below, I omitted those because its pretty obvious.

Member List (main default list)

Is Lead : [0 or 1] 0 means they are not a lead. 1 means they are currently in the lead funnel.

Lead Created : Date person was first entered into the lead system.

Lead Status : [New Lead, Attempted, Contacted, In Discussion, Converted, Disqualified] Lead funnel segment the person is in.

Is Member : [0 or 1] Set to 1 if person has any active plan with the attribute 'Are People Who Buy This A Member' set to YES.

Member Status : [Member, Non-Member, Ex-Member, Lead] This will reflect if they have any active plan or not. If they are set to Pending Cancel or Cancel it will change this to inactive.

Member Since : Date first plan was activated.

Last Checkin : Last time person checked in to gym.

Last Billing : Last time person was billed for a Plan.

Cancelled Date : Date the most recent Plan was cancelled for this person.

Current Plan : Most recent Plan activated for this person.

Number of Checkins : Total number of check-in's aggregated for all Plans.

Assigned To : If you assign a person to a Staff Member.

Member Rating : Default Mailchimp.

Last Changed : Default Mailchimp.

Date Added : Default Mailchimp.

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