With the Mailchimp integration in place we send data to a Primary Audience. This audience can then be segmented based on the attributes that we send over

The Primary audience will contain a list of all your members, past members and leads. Think of this Primary list as a global membership list where you can segment and target people based off certain attributes. Use the Plan List if you want to target people on a specific plan.

Mailchimp Members List (primary)

• each member will be only on here once, but they may have multiple plans. This is where it gets tricky with "Member Status" as it will display the value for the most recent plan that has been updated.

The "Member Status" attribute could be [active, cancelled, paused, pendcancel, completed]. This will automatically be updated when the status of ANY plan gets updated from the PushPress side.

Once in mailchimp view your audience to begin building your segments. 

Here is a video walk through of how to build your segments in your Audience. 


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