Add common products you intend to sell to members. Usually this will include T-shirts, Food & Beverage, and maybe some suppliments.

You wil have the option of selling these products to members via our Store App, Control Panel or via your website.

  1. Main Menu -> Products

  2. Select 'Create New Product' from right rail

  3. Fill out parameters and save

"Product Name" : Short name for the product. example "Kill Cliff"

"Product Description" : optional description, helpful if you are selling this online as well

"Product Category" : Create categories to help sort products. "Apparel, Food, Drink, Supplements" etc.

"Image" : optional, but helpful if you are selling online.
**Note: When uploading images ensure that your image titles match the product you are using them for.
example: Men’s Green Shirt image would be titled mens-green-shirt.jpg 

"Multiple Options" : Typically used when you have multiple sizes of the same product like T-shirts. Each size can support its own price.

"Price" : How much?

"Wholesale Cost" : Used to calculate profit

"Inventory" : Very basic inventory tracking system. Each time a product is purchased it will decrement this value. Optional to use.

"Tax Rate" : Set up your tax rates in main Settings.

"Distribution" : Options for showing up on Store App and if you want to ship it or pickup only.

"Visibility" : Set to NO if you don't want to sell online.

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