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Core | Store - Create a Product
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Add common products you intend to sell to members. Usually this will include T-shirts, Food & Beverage, and maybe some supplements. You may also need to add a fee for no shows or late cancels.

You will have the option of selling these products to members via our Store App, Control Panel or via your website.

  1. Main Menu -> Products

  2. Select 'Create New Product' from right rail

  3. Fill out parameters and save

"Product Name" : Short name for the product. example "Kill Cliff"

"Product Description" : optional description, helpful if you are selling this online as well

"Product Category" : Create categories to help sort products. "Apparel, Food, Drink, Supplements" etc.

"Image" : optional, but helpful if you are selling online.
**Note: When uploading images ensure that your image titles match the product you are using them for.
example: Men’s Green Shirt image would be titled mens-green-shirt.jpg 

"Multiple Options" : Typically used when you have multiple sizes of the same product like T-shirts. Each size can support its own price.

"Price" : How much?

"Wholesale Cost" : Used to calculate profit

"Inventory" : Very basic inventory tracking system. Each time a product is purchased it will decrement this value. Optional to use.

"Tax Rate" : Set up your tax rates in main Settings.

"Distribution" : Options for showing up on Store App and if you want to ship it or pickup only.

"Visibility" : Set to NO if you don't want to sell online.

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