As you are going through migration from another system you may have a member or 2 who has prepaid for something like a 6 month plan and they have a partial amount of time remaining on their membership plan, not the full 6 months but might have a plan end date of 2.5 months from now.

There are 2 assumptions I will make for this to work:

  • You are migrating your members from another system and so using the Migration Assistant section built into PushPress. This member will already be in step 2 of Migration Assistant.

  • The Member has paid in full for a fixed term plan on the other system so you do not need to collect money from them for them to continue being a member up till their plan end date.

Here is how you do it.

  1. You already have basic info on this person in Migration Assistant, they are in Step 2. You can either request billing info from them or you can 'Set as Cash Member' from 3 dots menu. This will push them over to Step 3 where you can assign the plan.

  2. First you need to create this plan in your Plan templates section so you can assign it. Create it as a 'non-recurring' plan type. Fill out all the other parameters as normal with the 'Expire Plan In' set to '6 months' (for this example), and 'Charge Amount' being the full amount you would normally charge.

  3. Back in Step 3 of the Migration Assistant is where you will attach this plan to the Member. Because its a non-recurring plan we assume they have already paid so the system will not charge them again. Use 'Select Plan' from the 3 dots menu.

  4. In the modal that pops up select 'Plan Type' = Non-Recurring.

  5. Select the Plan you just created.

  6. Set the 'Plan End Date' to the last day you want this plan valid for them. When that date hits this plan status will flip to 'Completed'.

  7. Payment Method should be auto set to 'Comp' as you wont be charging them.

  8. Hit 'Save Changes' button to add it. Now they should be able to check-in with that plan.

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