Depending on why you want to get hold of us, use the appropriate method below.

Interested in using PushPress, but not a client yet.

You will likely have some questions on capabilities. Lets set up a demo call to go over your needs, make sure they match up with what we do, after so we can show off all the bells and whistles of the system. Schedule your demo call at a time that works best for you here.

Existing PushPress clients.

Live Chat

By far the quickest/easiest/best way to get help, we either respond right away or in an hour or 2. Ask anything and everything this way. Use the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your Control Panel.


Not the quickest way to get help, but if for whatever reason you can't log into your Control Panel, you can always email

Facebook User Group

Its a good place to communicate with other PushPress users and we will also use it for broadcasting messages to the group like connection issues or important updates you should know about. If you have an issue or question that is general and not specific to your account or a member of yours you can ask it here as you might get lucky with a quick answer or advice from another user, but if its an issue specific to your gym we will likely tell you to re-ask it on the Control Panel chat. Its a closed group, go here to request access. Join Now.

Configuration Consultation

Set up a 30 minute time slot that works for you. We will screenshare and go over your setup and perform any optimizations. Use this link.

Migration help

Get some hand holding while you migrate your members from your legacy system. Book a 15 minute session here.

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