What happens when a Credit Card charge fails for a recurring plan?

It can happen for a number of reasons, expired card, fraud alert, insufficient funds etc.

Multiple alerts are triggered:

  1. The member will show up on the Control Panel Dashboard under 'Attention' column.
  2. The member will be emailed saying charge failed, with a reason if provided by their bank and also a link to enter in a new Credit Card. This is a magic link which takes them to a page with a single purpose..to enter in new Credit Card. They will not be asked to login we log them in automagically using special encrypted link magic. Once they update the charge will be run again in the next batch.
  3. Any one with admin role will be emailed notifying you of the failed charge
  4. Failed charge will show up in Payment History on the member detail page.
  5. The member will not be able to check-in using check-in app until payment is corrected. This can be overridden by checking in from the Control Panel.
  6. The overdue amount will show up in your payments report, overdue tab. You can also force another attempt on the card from here or collect the payment as cash.

What the system does

It will retry the card each night until a successful payment goes through. Because Stripe doesn't charge for a failed attempt, there is nothing to lose.

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