…set up subscription payments?

Yup! (Thats kinda one big thing that PushPress is all about.) Here's how.

For monthly, quarterly, 6-month, and annual subscription billing—or, really, a billing period of any whole number of months—PushPress will manage recurring billing for you. (And it's not a problem if you have a more unusual schedule, you'll just need to handle the timing on your side.)

Subscriptions can have free trials of any length.

You can create subscription plans with charges that depend on a quantity, e.g. a number of sessions.

You can modify a member's subscription plan (with resulting pro-rated billing) at any time.

If you wish, we can also notify you when a customer is billed and when a payment fails. This notification makes it easy for you to automatically update your records and third-party systems, email receipts, and contact customers when they need to update their payment information.

…charge my customers different amounts every billing period?

Yup! You get total control of how you bill Members.

…charge my members when they purchase merchandise, apparel, food, water etc?

Yup! Once you have a member in the system you can charge those cards at any time for any amount you choose. We also have an iPhone app which makes the transaction process a breeze.

…create coupons and discounts?

Yes. Easy.

...manually enter in a non-member's payment information into PushPress?

Yes—no problem. One time transactions are simple and quick.

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